Thank you for your interest in our mission. We hope that you will become a partner with us in spreading the word that we are here to provide resources and to grow the awareness of the ever increasing dependency on substance abuse in teens and adults. And, that we can help those who seek a clean life!

We are dedicated to making an impact in our community. So, how can you support us?

We are seeking a more robust board. If you have the following skills and are interested in serving, we seek people with the following skills:

  • Corporate C-level executives
  • Practicing Attorneys
  • Physicians or PhD’s with experience working with patients who have addictions
  • Experience in fundraising campaigns as a volunteer or a professional

If you are interested in giving back and have a passion for what we do, please fill out our “Contact Form” and someone will get back to you!

God Bless
Jay Webb
“Lord, tell me when, lead me there, teach me how. Amen”